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We Provide Superior, Professional Executive Administrative Services​ 

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We are always looking to add strong, American-based, professional and experienced virtual assistants to our team.

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We Provide Superior, Professional Executive Administrative Services​ 
​A Leader Among Virtual Assistant Companies  -  
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An American-Based, Industry Relevant, Professional Virtual Assistant Business.  We also offer administrative assistant jobs.  Contact us today to learn more.

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A consultant and VA are both business owners - someone who works as an Independent Contractor and has professional, in-the-trenches working experience that can be put to use to help you. We are NOT an employee - we are your BUSINESS PARTNER.  We know you will appreciate the vast difference!  You do not need virtual assistance - you need EXECUTIVE ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANCE!

You may want a consultant for some of the following benefits as opposed to hiring an employee out-right.  

  1. Reduced labor costs! You pay no
    •  payroll taxes
    • vacation pay
    • sick days
    • worker's compensation
    • employee benefits such as health and dental insurance
    • no OSHA regulations to follow.
  2. No hour tracking required.  No need to think, "I don't have work for them today"...you pay one flat rate and you know the job is going to get done.
  3. No office space or equipment to buy.  No paper, ink toner, coffee, break room supplies and no one calling in sick or leaving early.  
  4. No agency fees as is the case with temp agencies.
  5. You don't need to spend any money on employee training.
  6. You won't pay any overtime.
  7. Remember:  a qualified, professional virtual assistant has more to lose than just 'a job'.  It's our business - our reputation - and we're going to work as hard as anyone else who has a financial stake in your business.

Still not convinced that a Virtual Administrative Partner isn't a cost-saving venture?  Check out  this article by Joseph Hadzima, Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management, showing the cost of an employee.

WHY USE ORCVirtual, Inc.?

Besides matching you with an outstanding administrative supporter, we are also experts able to help guide some of your decisions, notice and help fix gaps in procedures and processes, and suggest tools, tips and tricks to improve the administrative and operational ends of your company.  When you hear the words "virtual assistant" you immediately think, "employee", or "stay at home mom".  Those are two things we are absolutely NOT.  We are in business to partner with other businesses. 

We use only American professional consultants  and only contract with American business owners, executives and entrepreneurs because our core mission is to put Americans back to work and help keep American Companies alive and well.

So why don't we use cheaper workers from other countries?  It's pretty simple.  You want someone who is/has

a) Familiar with your industry

b) Hands-On Experience doing the work you need

c) Culturally appropriate and relevant for you, your clients, and your future clients.


ORCVirtual, Inc began in 2007 as Office Remote Control, LLC.  It was the dream of our CEO to meet two needs in the American working culture.

1)  Too many American professionals were losing jobs because of economic hardtimes and were finding it difficult to regain employment.

2)  Small business owners were spending far too much time in the back office, performing administrative tasks and buried in paperwork instead of doing what passionately brought them in to the market place to begin with.  

The dream was to find a solution to these two issues.  

We are committed to:

  • Keeping America Working
  • Utilizing Disabled American Workers
  • Supporting the GLBT Community

Looking for virtual assistant companies?  You found us!  Looking for virtual assistant services?  You found them!  Looking for a virtual office assistant? You found one!

We are your virtual office assistant.