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Orcvirtual, inc. Executive Administrative Assistance


An initial retainer fee is due at time of signing.  This is a one-time, non-refundable amount to secure your contract with us.  It is due with your first months' payment or at time of signing. The retainer fee is 50% of your monthly fee.


Occasional Needs Only?

Tell us what you want done and we'll give you a great price.  

​Still want to know more?  Our base rate averages between $8.00 and $18 an hour depending on your needs and the turn-around time required. 

Cost of ORCVirtual, Inc

ONE MONTHLY RATE, locked in for a year

Cost of an Employee*

Base Salary

+ 6.2% FICA

+ 6.2% Unemployment

+ 1.45% Medicare

+ .3% Workmen's Compensation

+ 7.7% Health Insurance

+ 6.9% Paid Leave

The average employee can cost an employer up to 1.5 times the base salary.

 NEED CUSTOMIZED PRICING?  Contact us and let's talk.

Silver Medal
A package deal that gives you an average of 40 hours a month.  No monthly rollover of hours allowed.  $1595
Gold Standard
This is a very popular package.  An average of 60 hours/month.  No monthly rollover of hours allowed. $2350.00
You need up to 128 hours/month.  Contact us for details about the extensive services included. This is the BEST bang for your buck when you are serious about a partnership that matters.  $4875
Cut to the chase - you want full-time partnership, full-time attention.  This is Executive Assistant to the CEO level consulting work.  You have serious work that needs to get done and  you want someone who is all in.  40 hours a week and overtime available at no additional charge.  Contact us about the details. $T.B.D.  

Contact us to discuss details involved in each package.  Prices subject to change.  Keep in mind our prices are typically customized to meet your needs to contact us today to determine YOUR customized package and pricing.


Pricing may vary.  

Pricing does not include call-center duties or switchboard services.

Graphic Design and other specialty services may not be included.  Speak to one of our representatives today to secure your custom pricing today.