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Robbie was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the Shorewood neighborhood.  He attended the Milwaukee School of the Arts where he excelled in computers and arts.  He graduated Milwaukee Area Technical College with an Associates Degree in Graphic Arts and immediately began working with Poblocki Sign Company.

He left Poblocki Sign Company to take care of his ailing mother, spending every day at her bedside and attending to her needs.  During this time he experienced several heartbreaking tragedies which only proved to add to his passion for visual arts.

 "Visual arts stimulates the senses and encourages our minds to

think beyond the image and enter a world never imagined before."

Robbie and his partner Curtis moved to the Tampa Bay Florida area in October of 2013 escaping the north just in time as they were set to endure one of the hardest and coldest winters on record.  Robbie loves exploring Florida and all that it has to offer.  They live with their cat Tabby and Yorkie, Nikki.

His passion for design is unmatched.  He not only sees the whole picture but every intricate part that makes up the whole.  He guides the client through the process so the end result is a satisfying experience for the client.