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"Whatever they charge - it's not enough for the outstanding work they provide. They are not only amazing administrative assistants but their CEO, Kurt, is an incredible coach, trainer, and consultant"...VG

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"With the quick response-time and availability, it's hard to believe I'm NOT your only client!"...Glen S.

Virtual Work is not the future - it is the way to conduct business TODAY.

Tools of the Trade

BASECAMP:  Arguably one of the most powerful collaborative software packages available.  A tad pricey but for some it can be worth it.  

* Project  Management

* Calendars
* File Sharing

* Discussion Groups
* Due Dates

* Windows, Mac, iOS and Android compatible


TEAMVIEWER:  Sometimes it would just be easier to connect to a client's computer or for the client to connect to your computer to quickly show you how to do something. Sharing live presentations is a great feature of this program. 

LASTPASS:  This is a great program.  Share passwords with clients or they share theirs with you without actually giving them the password!  it works well in both Mac and Windows environments as well as Android, iOS,  Windows Phone and even Blackberry apps.  

REDBOOTH:  an online service allowing teams to assign tasks, share work, update one another and communicate.  

* File Storage

* Integration with Google Drive and Dropbox


WAVEAPPS:  Free and easy accounting, invoicing, billing and tracking.  It works pretty well but there are some limitations.  it's a free software with paid updates available if you want them.  

* Bank Integration

* Invoicing and Billing

* PayPal Linking is seemless

* Accounting

* Payments

* Payroll

* Track business AND personal banking

* Receipting


DROPBOX:  A cloud storage service that allows users to store up to 2.25GB of files for free.  It offers easy loading of files with a quick click and drag.  A preview of each file is available and its easy to download ones to your computer.  Each file has a share option that pops up a window you can type in email addresses and click share and they receive a link to the file.  

Education is one of the keys to success.  It is easy for busy executives and business owners to not find time to read but sometimes it is the exact thing you should be doing.  It not only teaches us, but it motivates us; gets us fired up and prepares our minds for the next business day.  We are proud to recommend the following. 

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