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Every year church leaders gather to put together a budget for the upcoming year.  These budgets generally include data from the previous years' expenses as well as hope and dreams for the next year.

Maintaining an employee is a challenging task especially for smaller churches.  ​The cost of an employee, even a part-time one, can be unreachable for many congregations.  

It makes sense to partner with ORCVirtual to provide the secretarial services for local congregations.  We have over 30 years of experience in small church administration.  From worship bulletins, letters, to report generating - if you need a secretary to perform the task, we can do that.  The only thing we are not able to do currently is answer your phone and greet people as they walk through your door.

Our team includes former church secretaries and members of the clergy.


We provide incredible discounts to clergy and churches.  We work with you to learn about your needs, your vision, your short and long range goals - then we develop a plan that is customized for YOU.   We take into account your needs and your budget.

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