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You simply cannot be doing any type of business by yourself – if you do – you will flounder at best and ultimately, fail.  No debate.  Surrounding yourself with power-houses that are experts in areas in which you are weak, is the sign of a great leader.  For several years, I have relied upon the expertise, wisdom, and occasional sense of humor of Kurt and his team at ORCVirtual, Inc.  It took me a while to get out of my way…. yes, the ego and I!

They are, I believe, a key component in business set up from day one – not waiting until “things are up and running” – but bringing them on board to ramp up your business.  They are real, authentic, transparent, and always there for me when I need them.

--AC Johnson, REI Coach and Mentor, RE Investor

Providers of virtual Executive Administrative Assistant teams,

supporting American business and entrepreneurs with American-based workers. 

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We provide virtual executive administrative assistance to entrepreneurs and small business owners.  We perform a large variety of administrative and secretarial services.  

We never outsource out of the United States.

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