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Mr. Danskin has set up systems to take the day to day burden of running a business from our shoulders and put it into systems that work...

​D. Manning, Real Estate Investor, Realtor, Instructor

ORCVirtual has done more for my business in the first 30 days than I could ever imagine. Here's the bottom line: if I were to be doing all the things they do for me AND what I do for my business, there is no way it would get done. The team approach at ORCVirtual is brilliant. I have one contact person on their team who is my Executive Assistant and that person parses out the tasks to his team and it gets done, it gets done efficiently, professionally, accurately...and EVERYthing they do for me goes far and above my expectations. I will never use a 'regular' virtual assistant again because ORCVirtual is my Executive Administrative Assistance team for life!

Sand Dollar REI * Orlando, FL

Get your Executive Administrative Virtual Assistance Team on board to help you navigate your success.  Small business owners and entrepreneurs are flocking to our virtual doorstep - contact us today to find out why people are talking about ORCVirtual.  

We currently service the following industries:

Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investment Coaches and Mentors

Realtors and Brokers

Church Leaders

Pastors and Clergy

Office Administrators

Accounting Firms

Law Offices

Credit Agencies





ORCVirtual took the idea of a virtual assistant, raised the bar higher than anyone realized it could go, and are now setting the standards for American virtual assistance...T. Wood, Real Estate Investor

They are THE go-to team for professional virtual assistance...

​Elizabeth Liz Howard, CEO SoulFood Seminars

Providers of virtual Executive Administrative Assistant teams, supporting American business and entrepreneurs with American-based workers

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Now Offering Spanish Translation Services,  Bookkeeping, Accounting, Transcription Services and More



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We provide virtual executive administrative assistance to entrepreneurs and small business owners.  We perform a large variety of administrative and secretarial services.  We never outsource out of the United States.  Contact us for a free consultation. 

They handle ALL the back end administrative office duties, and so much more

Solutions Especially 4 You, LLC

I have used their services and found them to be very efficient, extraordinarily helpful and organized, proficient and professional. They have great ideas to enhance your business and access to even more great partnerships.

RD; Kings In MarketPlace Real Estate LLC

I have known Kurt Danskin for over 30 years; and have worked professionally with him for the past two years. Kurt is a savvy businessman, providing top-level service to each of his clients. You can rely on Kurt and his entire team for all of your business needs.

B. Wheeler

Kurt is in a league of his own. He not only connects on a business level, but also takes the time to form personal bonds with his clients. I, for one, have been very impressed with his persistent attention to detail, and also his warm and caring attitude. He figures out what needs to be done, and he does it. It's as simple as that! Kurt is a valuable asset to any company, and he has a way of lifting the burdens that your company may not be suited for...

Justin Mayfield, Owner and Photographer, SO GOLD STUDIO


There is a big difference between these two designations and knowing this will help you make the decision as to which one you  want or need to have on your team.  At ORCVirtual we are happy to provide either of these services but 90% of our clients elect to the Executive Administrative Virtual Assistance Team approach.

A Virtual Assistant is a person you would hire to perform a particular task or a repeated task. Typically they are working from home, can be anywhere in the world, and may or may not be industry relevant to your needs. These are the 'starving musicians' of virtual business workers as their primary goal is to get as many 'gigs' under their belts as possible. Land a gig - perform it - move on to the next gig. That is your average virtual assistant. Typically they get paid by the job and in many cases by the hour. But be warned - if you are paying them by the hour the may just be an employee and not an independent contractor!

An Executive Administrative Virtual Assistance Team is like having your own multi-floored office.  There you are, in the corner office, running your company. You are the owner - the CEO - the "big cheese".  We are your Executive Assistant sitting in the office outside of yours. When you need something from marketing, we are the ones who run downstairs to marketing. Need to follow-up with accounting?  Let us do the leg work for you. In need of graphic design talent for that new brochure or campaign letter going out?  No need for you to run down stairs to graphics, printing, and shipping. That's what we are here for.

With a team behind you, you have more time on your hands to devote to growing your business and raking in those profits!  

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Know the Difference Between a Virtual Assistant and a Team Managed Approach -

ORCVirtual - A Team Managed Approach to American Virtual Executive Assistance

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